Must-Know Information for Those Transporting Valuables Overseas

Whether you are an individual or business owner engaged in import and export activities and you need to ship valuable items overseas, there are some things that you need to understand in order to facilitate the safe and successful shipment of your items. This includes and understanding of the rules and regulations regarding these types of shipments, the types of couriers you should consider for your shipments and ways to prepare the shipment for proper transportation.

Types of Valuable Items Most Commonly Transported Overseas   

The category of valuable items that are typically shipped overseas include paintings, antique furniture and valuable works of arts; high priced jewelry (including expensive watches); stones, gems and other precious metals; and, negotiable currency. These items can be shipped by commercial couriers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, etc.) as well as commercial airline carriers like Delta, US Airways and American Airlines.

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Concerns with Shipping Certain Valuable Items   

As airline security concerns, expressed through Congressional action and enacted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), remain high the number and types of security checks passengers and cargo must undergo have increased. For example, the TSA enacted new rules in August 2011 requiring airline security screening of all cargo shipped commercially via commercial airlines. Although institutions such as the Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York City and the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC have the ability to establish special screening rooms to accommodate the TSA’s requirement, small gallery owners run the risk of having valuable pieces of art damaged in shipping, when unpacked and repacked by a TSA representative.

Other Rules for Shipping Valuable   

Whenever you engage in the shipment of valuable cargo items overseas, you should be aware of any limitations of prohibitions that a carrier may have in place. As an example loose gems and precious metals may be considered prohibited items with certain types of overseas transportation companies however these same items encased in watches and jewelry may be acceptable for shipping.

You should also understand if that are monetary limits to the overseas shipment that you are making. These limits can vary, depending on the carrier, and be as low as $500 in U.S. currency on up to several thousands of dollars. If the type of shipment that you need to make is occasional and of a low dollar amount you may get by with packing the item yourself and having it transported through a commercial airliner. For larger dollar amounts or prohibited items that may not be allowed by certain carriers, check around to other types of transport options (including shipping lines) that may be able to accommodate your overseas shipment.

Ways to Ensure the Successful Shipment of Your Valuable being Transported Overseas 

The best ways to ensure the successful overseas transportation of your valuables, especially if you are a small occasional shipper, is to understand the rules and requirements of the carries you choose to do business with, as well as inquiry about insurance for your shipment as well as any loss and replacement policies that are in place (for those items that are replaceable).

Resist the urge to shop solely on price alone when considering overseas shipments. Sending any item overseas through a courier service is expensive and something you need to accept. The best way to overcome any cost concerns that you may have is by obtaining multiple quotes (at least 3) from reputable companies that have a history of success in overseas shipments. Having the information will help you make a well informed decision that will alleviate any stress or concern you may have about sending your valuable items internationally.

JewelryThis article was written by John Davis, a travel expert who is well-informed about transporting valuables overseas. He writes this on behalf of Diamond Transportation Logistics, your number one choice when seeking refrigerated transportation carriers for your logistics needs. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

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