Difficult Challenges Ahead For the Air Freight Industry

Any business that relies on international logistics would much prefer to make use of air freight – simply because it is a lot quicker than the sea alternative. Unfortunately, very few companies actually can use the air method to transport their goods – as it can prove to be considerably more expensive than simple ocean freight.

The situation doesn’t look to be getting any easier either. There have been occasions in the past where companies have actually saved by using air freight, with the ‘chargeable weight’ formula tending to favor those who deal with small and light goods. However, these situations are becoming fewer and further between and as we’ll now investigate, there are several issues that are making this industry much more challenging.

Fuel Prices

Admittedly, this is a problem which affects all methods of transport – although on that note it could be said that some trains are starting to triumph as they are able to make much more efficient compromises. In relation to planes, the problem is starting to reach a breaking point though. The fact that Ryanair has told pilots to make journeys slower because of high fuel charges says everything you need to know about the financial consequences for companies.

As a road user, you’ve probably witnessed first-hand how much your pocket has been hit by the rising fuel charges. Suffice to say, when this is taken to the scale of a huge cargo plane traveling thousands of miles – it’s no surprise to see companies push these price hikes onto customers.

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Security Threats

Anybody who has been out of the country over the past few years will have undoubtedly noticed how stringent officials are starting to become when you go through the security checks. With terrorist threats higher than ever before, cargo planes also have to be regulated in a bid to hijack any deadly plans.

There is now a 100-percent inspection regime in place – meaning that every piece of cargo has to be inspected before being allowed onto a plane. This obviously has massive time and monetary drawbacks, with some estimates speculating that it’ll cost the industry hundreds of millions of pounds every year.

General Security Breaches

The last section mainly concentrated on the terror threats that face cargo planes, but the industry is also affected by problems associated with their basic security. Business owners are becoming more wary about this method of transport due to blatant security risks – with many concerned about the threat to their cargo from outside sources when it is going on and off the plane. This is why a lot are choosing to invest in container security devices like the ones featured at loksys.com – with this at least providing a barrier to potential criminals and also sending tracking information to a security hub.

Air Freight Industry

Opposition from Other Methods of Transport

Both the train and road method of transport have progressed significantly over recent years and if you are looking to transport goods less than 1,000 miles – they are actually comparable to air freight from a time perspective. Admittedly, this is an issue that mainly applies to the United States market where cargo travels much further domestically, but it still helps to highlight another issue that is hindering a lot of air freight providers.


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