Difficult Challenges Ahead For the Air Freight Industry

Any business that relies on international logistics would much prefer to make use of air freight – simply because it is a lot quicker than the sea alternative. Unfortunately, very few companies actually can use the air method to transport their goods – as it can prove to be considerably more expensive than simple ocean freight.

The situation doesn’t look to be getting any easier either. There have been occasions in the past where companies have actually saved by using air freight, with the ‘chargeable weight’ formula tending to favor those who deal with small and light goods. However, these situations are becoming fewer and further between and as we’ll now investigate, there are several issues that are making this industry much more challenging.

Fuel Prices

Admittedly, this is a problem which affects all methods of transport – although on that note it could be said that some trains are starting to triumph as they are able to make much more efficient compromises. In relation to planes, the problem is starting to reach a breaking point though. The fact that Ryanair has told pilots to make journeys slower because of high fuel charges says everything you need to know about the financial consequences for companies.

As a road user, you’ve probably witnessed first-hand how much your pocket has been hit by the rising fuel charges. Suffice to say, when this is taken to the scale of a huge cargo plane traveling thousands of miles – it’s no surprise to see companies push these price hikes onto customers.

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Security Threats

Anybody who has been out of the country over the past few years will have undoubtedly noticed how stringent officials are starting to become when you go through the security checks. With terrorist threats higher than ever before, cargo planes also have to be regulated in a bid to hijack any deadly plans.

There is now a 100-percent inspection regime in place – meaning that every piece of cargo has to be inspected before being allowed onto a plane. This obviously has massive time and monetary drawbacks, with some estimates speculating that it’ll cost the industry hundreds of millions of pounds every year.

General Security Breaches

The last section mainly concentrated on the terror threats that face cargo planes, but the industry is also affected by problems associated with their basic security. Business owners are becoming more wary about this method of transport due to blatant security risks – with many concerned about the threat to their cargo from outside sources when it is going on and off the plane. This is why a lot are choosing to invest in container security devices like the ones featured at loksys.com – with this at least providing a barrier to potential criminals and also sending tracking information to a security hub.

Air Freight Industry

Opposition from Other Methods of Transport

Both the train and road method of transport have progressed significantly over recent years and if you are looking to transport goods less than 1,000 miles – they are actually comparable to air freight from a time perspective. Admittedly, this is an issue that mainly applies to the United States market where cargo travels much further domestically, but it still helps to highlight another issue that is hindering a lot of air freight providers.

Must-Know Information for Those Transporting Valuables Overseas

Whether you are an individual or business owner engaged in import and export activities and you need to ship valuable items overseas, there are some things that you need to understand in order to facilitate the safe and successful shipment of your items. This includes and understanding of the rules and regulations regarding these types of shipments, the types of couriers you should consider for your shipments and ways to prepare the shipment for proper transportation.

Types of Valuable Items Most Commonly Transported Overseas   

The category of valuable items that are typically shipped overseas include paintings, antique furniture and valuable works of arts; high priced jewelry (including expensive watches); stones, gems and other precious metals; and, negotiable currency. These items can be shipped by commercial couriers (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, etc.) as well as commercial airline carriers like Delta, US Airways and American Airlines.

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Concerns with Shipping Certain Valuable Items   

As airline security concerns, expressed through Congressional action and enacted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), remain high the number and types of security checks passengers and cargo must undergo have increased. For example, the TSA enacted new rules in August 2011 requiring airline security screening of all cargo shipped commercially via commercial airlines. Although institutions such as the Museum of Metropolitan Art in New York City and the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC have the ability to establish special screening rooms to accommodate the TSA’s requirement, small gallery owners run the risk of having valuable pieces of art damaged in shipping, when unpacked and repacked by a TSA representative.

Other Rules for Shipping Valuable   

Whenever you engage in the shipment of valuable cargo items overseas, you should be aware of any limitations of prohibitions that a carrier may have in place. As an example loose gems and precious metals may be considered prohibited items with certain types of overseas transportation companies however these same items encased in watches and jewelry may be acceptable for shipping.

You should also understand if that are monetary limits to the overseas shipment that you are making. These limits can vary, depending on the carrier, and be as low as $500 in U.S. currency on up to several thousands of dollars. If the type of shipment that you need to make is occasional and of a low dollar amount you may get by with packing the item yourself and having it transported through a commercial airliner. For larger dollar amounts or prohibited items that may not be allowed by certain carriers, check around to other types of transport options (including shipping lines) that may be able to accommodate your overseas shipment.

Ways to Ensure the Successful Shipment of Your Valuable being Transported Overseas 

The best ways to ensure the successful overseas transportation of your valuables, especially if you are a small occasional shipper, is to understand the rules and requirements of the carries you choose to do business with, as well as inquiry about insurance for your shipment as well as any loss and replacement policies that are in place (for those items that are replaceable).

Resist the urge to shop solely on price alone when considering overseas shipments. Sending any item overseas through a courier service is expensive and something you need to accept. The best way to overcome any cost concerns that you may have is by obtaining multiple quotes (at least 3) from reputable companies that have a history of success in overseas shipments. Having the information will help you make a well informed decision that will alleviate any stress or concern you may have about sending your valuable items internationally.

JewelryThis article was written by John Davis, a travel expert who is well-informed about transporting valuables overseas. He writes this on behalf of Diamond Transportation Logistics, your number one choice when seeking refrigerated transportation carriers for your logistics needs. Check out their website today and see how they can help you!

Forex and the Stock Exchange

If you’re considering investing as a beginner, you may have looked at the U.S. stock markets and realized that, to begin trading, you need a considerable amount of start-up cash. What most new and potentially great traders forget is that they have better options than the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. And that option does not require the same amount of start-up capital to get rolling. We are talking about the foreign exchange market, colloquially known as the “forex.” This alternative may sound complicated and exotic to the layman. In actuality, it is a much more focused and less erratic system when compared to domestic markets. The benefits the forex can provide to you are equal to the amount of understanding you have of the system. As with anything, the more you know, the better you fare. Luckily, the forex seems to be much easier to become familiar with and should be any new trader’s first venture.

An Introduction to the Forex

The forex is the most active exchange on the globe. Estimates put the daily volume at around $4 trillion. Whereas the U.S. exchanges trade stocks, the forex only trades currencies. Every country (except the Eurozone) has its own individual currencies. Those same currencies move in value daily due to variables like government policies, private investments in the country, natural disasters and many others.

Also, unlike the U.S. stock exchanges, the forex has its own website with learning sections to properly introduce you to the world of foreign currency trading. Trading stocks usually require a broker, whereas the forex requires your attention, willingness to learn and a computer.

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Volatility: Risk and Reward in Currency Markets

The number of factors that can contribute to a country’s currency value is nearly endless. While that seems intimidating, the more you learn about the currency market, the more you will be able to recognize and categorize the variables that affect currency price. Government policy is one of the largest contributing factors, as are natural disasters. Also at the top of the list should be investor activity. A few large investors either buying in or pulling out can make or break a country’s currency. While the latter is not as common a factor, it still needs to be considered. Seasoned traders are a great help when it comes to volatility. Part of learning the forex system is also learning the contributing factors to currency value so that you can make smart trades. Scouring the Internet will turn up valuable tips and analyses. Just as an example, currency analyst Christopher Vecchio goes over the factors that made the dollar “inch back” in relation to action taken by the Federal Reserve. It is analyses like this that can help you make decisions on your trades. Volatility is a reality in any investments but it does not have to be a hindrance.

Turning Pro and Conquering Currencies

Let’s face it: you want to be a good trader, and you want to make money. Luckily, the forex is such a large market that the resources are nearly endless. Just like trading stocks, trading currency has its basic rules for making money. There are resources available to help train you as a successful currency trader. The best part is that you do not need to have the massive capital to get started. Just about anyone can begin trading foreign currencies tomorrow or even today, depending on how ambitious you are!


This article was written by Richard Craft, an MBA student who hopes to help you with your personal finances. He writes this on behalf of Hawthorne Global, your number one choice when looking for a Houston customs broker. Check out their website today for all your needs with regards to international logistics!

Tips for choosing a perfect translation agency

With the rapid progress in technology, the internet has emerged as a primary tool in managing even the smallest companies to prevail and establish themselves in the ever-increasing competition within the global business world. Targeting the international markets is the primary focus for every company. However, even the latest advents in technology cannot help deny the fact that people across the globe speak different languages. Thus, if you aim to establish your business in the global marketplace, you may find yourself in the need of translation services. This might incorporate your website translation, documents connected to media-related information, user manuals, press releases etc. Any text targeted for the international clients and customers, ought to be translated. If you’re running a business of selling services and products on a global scale, you might need the services of a professional translation agency. To ensure it to be a success, the correct steps need to be taken. Here are some tips for choosing the translation agency which is perfect for your business :

1.  Do a thorough analysis of the requirements for your translation –

Prior to searching for a translation agency you must know your targeted audience, desired vocabulary to be used for your website information. The most important thing you must know is which language does the targeted audience speaks, so that you could look for appropriate translations into French, Spanish, Chinese or any other language.

2. Seek for some reliable recommendations and testimonials –

Explore and ask everyone in your business network about which translation company they’re currently working with. Check out the testimonials from clients and infact visit the company’s office for your satisfaction  and to make sure they are not an online fiction entity.

3. Decide what kind of translation company will suit your needs –

There many types of translation agencies. Decide if you wish to deal with a local translation service vendor or will you prefer a big translation agency. Whatever you prefer, it is quite vital to know what is the extent of perfection and expertise you expect from the translation agency.

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4. Confirm if the company has both lingual and technical competence –

A translation agency professional would work to translate your website from English into several different languages. Apart from having knowledge of languages, the professional should also be aware of the technical aspects of the entire process. Thus, not only the translator must know source and target languages but should also have the latest technical knowledge and expertise on translation management systems.

5. Choose a multi-service translation agency

Look for an agency which apart from offering you translation, assists you with services like proofreading etc. Prefer translators who are native in the target language.

6. Search for the actively blogging companies on the translation forums over the internet  –

Explore daily updated blogs of translation companies which participate in the translation discussions. Such companies, sensitive to their status, are likely to be professional and expert in their work.

7. Inquire for certificates and credentials-

It’s very crucial to ensure that the agency you are likely to select has all the essential certificates and credentials. They tell you about the agency’s modus operandi and ability to guarantee a reliable quality control system. An agency that has an ISO standard for quality management systems will unquestionably offer you with a reliable service and desired results.

8. Know your goals and expectations –

The better you know your goals, the more specific you are and the better you achieve the results.


Last but certainly not the least is to not expect any promised “perfection”. Understand that taking small risks and being imaginative may at times give you a failure but is a part of the process because you can’t expect perfection from those who lack imagination and creativity.

Five Vital Tips for Growing Small Business

The term small business is applied to a business which is privately owned with less number of employees. Owing a small business can be very stressful. Every business is unique and has its own demand, but some key points are same for all type of business. By following some steps a small business can be grown well and can make a respectable place in market.

Remember, One Stich in Time Saves Nine

Entrepreneurs invest their money in business and what they have at all is hope from the business.  A businessman is recognized in the market by quality products and delivery in time. Delay in delivery will leaves the negative impression of your business in the market. Time management needs to manage you first. Send the product timely in market, timely means when market needs, neither before nor after. Introducing your services or products to market needs good instinct, you have two choice

  • Wait for right time to enter in the market stream, this needs patience and resources to continue the business during pause period.
  • Adjust your offering in services or products more desirable than existing market offers.

2nd one is more appropriate because as a sole entrepreneur you can change terms and prices according to market flow. Decision is yours but hit the nail at right time. Confidently take the decision at the right time and stick to it as consistency is important. Keep an eye on the market and consumer’s need, change your strategy according to demand. Those who don’t bother the demand and changing situation of the market in time become an ‘extinct species ‘. To be alive in the market taking a decision in time is very important.

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Brand Recognition is Important

Your brand only impacts on consumer’s minds. You can secure your business with your brand recognition. It needs the following elements

  • Set a good brand quality, consumer needs quality. He will appreciate the quality.
  • Don’t confuse the consumer by wrong name. Consumer doesn’t want to play hide and seek through product’s name he love the name that is easy to remember
  • Name the brand according to its qualities, meaningful name will help the costumer to remember your brand and services you provide.
  • Design a powerful logo and use it
  • Slogan is your message for customers; don’t change it frequently as it shows your consistency.

Touch Take Benefit of Every Opportunity

Small business man must not miss any chance, for this purpose he must keep in touch with customer. Customer is the need of businessman so arrange some setup, who will welcome a customer 24/7 .for this use new technology as,

  • Make a website and blogs to introduce and talk to customer
  • Answering the costumer call is very important, small business man cannot hire separate staff for this so  I advise using answering services for small businesses

Increase Your Sale

Making a good product only is not the certificate of good business. Take regular reviews to increase the sale. Make plans to increase the consumers,

  • Before attracting new customers make the former customers to purchase your product more and more.
  • Offer your sales staff attractive goals, trips, dinner or incentive on high sale. It will motivate them

               Don’t take Stress

 Stress is not the solution; it is a problem in itself. Avoid stress and create a relaxed environment at your work place. Believe me ease in environment can double the product sale and raise your business high and high.

Growing Small Business

Bio: Joanna is a freelance writer for Customer Contact Services Inc, she is business advisor and have her degrees in business management , especially has keen interest in growing small business and use of new technologies in business.

A Simple Guide to Enterprise Mobility

: Enterprise mobility refers to the sharing of data and information between mobile workers with the use of mobile devices, or cloud storage services. This technology improves workforce collaboration. However, you need a solid mobility strategy to get the best results in using this technology.

Enterprise mobility can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees, but there are also risks in using this strategy, especially when it comes to the security of data. However, you do not have to deal with these risks if you have an effective and articulated mobility strategy.

What Is Enterprise Mobility?

Many people think that this term only applies to mobile workers who are using mobile devices to collaborate with each other. However, enterprise mobility also refers to the mobility of corporate data.

With the emergence of cloud storage service, an employee can now collaborate with other workers, as well as share information with his or her employer by uploading information from his or her personal computer to a cloud storage service. Once uploaded, the employer, as well as other employees who need the information,  can download it from the site of the cloud service provider.

Tips for Effective Enterprise Mobility Strategy

If you want to ensure that you will have effective enterprise mobility, you need to do these things.

  1. Know the Requirements: In order to formulate an effective mobility strategy, you need to have a complete understanding of your workforce. Assessing how your workforce should be working and how your employees want to work will enable you to determine the mobility requirements of your company.
  2. Be Selective: When it comes to the prioritization and selection of mobility projects, you need to be selective.  Is this what your workforce needs? Is this mobility solution the most efficient and cost-effective way? By asking these questions, you will be able to determine which mobility strategy is the right one for you.
  3. Assign Someone to Be in Charge: One of the most common mistakes that companies make is that they do not assign someone to take charge of the enterprise mobility operations. Without someone to take in charge, there will be confusion within the workforce, which in turn slows down the productivity of your company.

To eliminate confusions, you need to designate someone to be in charge. This individual will be the one who will coordinate and take care of everything related to, device management, mobile network deployments, carrier relationships, mobile application development, and security.

  1. Educate the Employees:  If you want to ensure that your mobility strategy will work, you need to educate your employees about them.  To do this, you need to have the right people to write the mobility policies, finalize them, and familiarize your employees about them.
  2. Evaluate Your Mobility Projects: The advancement of technology is very fast. Therefore, you need to evaluate whether your technology is still up to date, or you already need to upgrade it.  With a constant evaluation of your mobility projects, you will be able to determine whether your enterprise mobility system is still optimal or not.

Enterprise Mobility

Doing the things mentioned above would help you ensure that your mobility strategy will work. This will also eliminate the confusions within the workforce, which in turn will boost the rate of productivity of your company.

Bio – Linda Watson has adequate knowledge of enterprise mobility security. She has been working for 7 years for Pearl Software.

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Tips to grow up your business

Regular contact of a client and businessman is significant and it can be done by Inbound Telemarketing services.

       In this era where life is so fast it is needed that in the vein of most industrialists, you possibly have a business plan to start. You maneuver in the legitimate globe, and the whole thing appears slightly dissimilar. How much examine you do to move forward it is not a matter, and how tidily you set up your business, on a daily basis business playing sports ground has a tendency to be a rebellious position where belongings on the odd occasion go according to plan. Now you have required some plans of a dissimilar variety and what plans you must need.

For growth of a business, you plan to set up that takes action more like an inner scope to lead you in the direction of achievement and it launches through a precise way of thinking.

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With the passage of time, the attachment of everybody activities in your business should have a growth-oriented circumference. Everyone should buy into your exposure that enlargement can and will go on as you work cooperatively to confine chances. Now you must require assembling a number of intellects about what is occurring inside. Then put pen to paper all your plans.
There is no need to you something far-reaching — still a list of projectile points is on hand for an assist.
There are basically some over-arching strategies for growing a business. And these strategies must be effective for the expansion of a business.

  •  Businesses are established in the midst of a flourish of action, just to see that it will speedily fade away. Whatever you are delivering and what your business make promise with the customers. Make sure to fulfill and must take a hard look at. Grand goods and services must chase a sturdy truthful sales exertion. Troubles or deficits must be predetermined hastily.
  • A methodical perceptive of your publicize is very important to a growth plan. You have to possibly do this in the establish phase. But opinions can be changed. Re-examine the innovative assertion. Compose modifications as needed.
  • It is undemanding to maintain a growth way of thinking if each one cuddles the assignment. Should share your apparition with others. And make sure to set down definite objectives. It should not just a reverie — for reaching that purposes entrust definite procedures.
  • Mission is frequently in the mind of early-stage businesses for their recognition which they have to expand. It is supportive and essential, and every business must also secure rummage sales. Squeeze your rummage sales procedure to set superior prominence on closing.
  • For the business growth plans are required and then you necessitate the identification what tools you have at your disposal and which ones are missing. Must you have the true people and providers with the accurate expertise? Think about what every dealer and member of staff brings to the endeavor. If you want more endowment, publicize that into your preparation as well.

Expansion strategy of a business won’t heal all that ensures your business. But it will rally round you to obtain an improved attach on why the expansion you estimated early on hasn’t turned up and what explicit steps you require to take to search out where you want to set off.

grow up your business
Bio: Jenny is a freelance writer for Ansafone has the strong interest in business grooming techniques.